Materials Revolution

A leading innovator in functional materials
continuously implementing cutting-edge technologies


We contribute to sustainable development of humans with revolutions in material technology.

JMTC commercializes material technologies needed in the society, regardless of size of business scale, taking advantage of the flexibility and speed of management of an independent startup company. By continuing to revolutionize grass-root material technologies, JMTC contributes to sustainable development of humans who face accelerated evolution of technology and social issues on a global scale.

We continuously implement cutting-edge technologies in the society as a functional material manufacturer

In the research division of large companies as well as universities and research institutions, new innovative material technologies are continuing to be invented. However, there are many technologies with no business entity for social implementation due to disagreement with management policies of large companies and shortage of entrepreneurial people. Through the “Lean Open Innovation”, JMTC aims to become a functional material manufacturer that continues to commercialize cutting-edge technologies that have not seen social implementation.

JMTC’s Lean Open Incubation

Through the “Lean Open Incubation” which keeps down fixed cost as much as possible while cooperating with many companies and academia, JMTC challenges social implementation of material technologies which is known to take time and have a low success rate.


Functional Resin Materials

Trifunctional Benzoxazine

Trifunctional Benzoxazine is benzoxazine monomer with a benzene ring surrounded by three oxazine rings.

Alicyclic Double-Decker Silsesquioxane

Alicyclic_Double-Decker_Silsesquioxane is bifunctionalaized monomer for polyimide resin, enabling lower dielectric and higher heat resistance.

Comb-shaped Diol

Comb-shaped Diol is a monomer unit combined with polyol as a hydrophilic one to enhance viscosity and thixotropy.

Additives & Fillers

BNFO negative thermal expansion material

BNFO negative thermal expansion material is oxide material showing greater negative thermal expansion (-187ppm/K)



NONHALITE is mixed powder of poly acid catalyst and apatite enabling efficient solid-phase oxidation reaction.

Halogen Free Materials

Low Chlorine Epoxy Resin

Low chlorine epoxy resins is a series of glycidyl ether and alicyclic epoxy synthesized with JMTC's original oxidation reaction catalyst "Non-Halite".

Allyl Phenyl Ether(Low Chlorine Content)

Allyl Phenyl Ether made only from raw materials containing low chlorine

Bio-based & Bio-degradable Plastics

D-Lactic Acid

JMTC Enzyme's D-lactic acid is raw material for bio-based and bio-degradable plastics

L-Malic Acid

JMTC Enzyme's L-malic acid is raw material for bio-based and bio-degradable plastics


D-lactide is monomer for PLA(polylactic acid) and PLGA(poly lactic-co-glycolic acid) made from high optical-purity D-lactic acid

Thixostar is a registered trademark of Japan Material Technologies Corporation.


Company name
Japan Material Technologies Corporation
Koyu Urata (Founder & CEO)
Established Date
August 11, 2015
1. Funcutional materials business
2. Consulting service business
3. Corporate venture fund business
2F Edo Bldg., 2-3-4, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
Group Company
JMTC Enzyme Corporation (D-lactic acid and L-malic acid; JV with AGC Inc.)
JMTC Capital G.K.(Venture capital)


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