Trifunctional benzoxazine BTBz

JMTC’s trifunctional benzoxazine BTBz is monomer of thermosetting resins.

Benzoxazine is a generic name for cyclic monomers with which ring-opening polymerization proceeds with no catalyst when heated and polybenzoxazine which is low-shrinkage curable thermosetting resin is derived.

Polybenzoxazines have excellent heat resistant, flame retardant, low-hygroscopic, low-dielectric and low thermal expansion characteristics.

Trifunctional benzoxazine BTBz is expected to derive thermosetting resin with higher heat resistance, as high crosslinking proceeds due to ring-opening polymerization of its three oxazine rings and polymer network that has plenty of intermolecular hydrogen bridges and intramolecular hydrogen bonds is formed.